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Laminate Floors In Lake Worth, FL

Many homebuilders are using laminate flooring in Lake Worth because of the quickness and ease of installation. This is a smart choice, since this type of flooring offers several advantages over other types.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic material that imitates nature and improves on it. It can be made to look like any natural surface, but is more durable and long-lasting than natural wood. With warranties of up to 50 years, this is truly the flooring material of the future.

It is sometimes called floating tile because it “floats” above a pad called the underlayment. This layer, which may be made of foil or foam, provides the floor’s first moisture barrier and helps reduce noise. The underlayment is laid down on the subfloor and planks of laminate flooring are assembled in a tongue-and-groove fashion on top of it. 

Laminate wood is composed of several layers fused together into a single sheet. The first is called the base layer or balancing layer and is composed of paper and melamine resin. It provides stability as well as moisture resistance. Next comes the core layer, composed of wood particle board held together by melamine resin. This layer gives the flooring most of its strength and provides additional moisture resistance. On top of it is the pattern layer, which is actually a high-resolution photograph of some natural surface such as stone or wood grain.

It looks very realistic, and most people do not realize they’re looking at a photograph rather than a natural substance. Above this is the wear layer, an extremely hard coat of melamine resin. Since melamine is transparent, the pattern layer can be clearly seen through it. The wear layer is sometimes given a texture to match the substance shown in the pattern layer, for instance the roughness of stone or an imitation of wood grain.

Since the appearance of the flooring is a photograph, it can look like any substance. Laminate flooring is made to imitate all types of wood, tile or stone with total realism. 

The flooring may expand slightly over time, so the installer will need to leave a space of a few millimeters between its edge and the walls. If molding is to be used, it should be installed after the flooring panels have gone down. If molding is already present, it may be advisable to remove it and then replace it after the flooring panels have been installed for a neater look.

The combination of relatively low cost, quick installation, long life and great look makes wholesale laminate flooring an attractive option. It's not surprising that so many homeowners are choosing laminate flooring in Lake Worth as they learn about its advantages.